Workforce &
Compensation Planning

Power all decisions around your #1 spend - people.
Aura is an AI-powered platform that enables global organizations to tighten compensation spend, improve retention, and comply with pay transparency regulations.

Compensation to Workforce Management
Workplace Insights

Bring C-suite level view of on compensation, talent and diversity & inclusion metrics across the organization globally. Lean on the power of contextual AI chatbot to power people decisions.

Accelerate Compensation Workflows

Build multiple compensation structures in minutes, select the ones you like, discard others, and collaborate with your stakeholders. All on a single platform.

Communicate Total Rewards

Retain talent by effectively and visually communicating your total rewards to employees - outlining pay, equity and benefits.

Empower Talent Teams

Remove guess work from hiring process. Aura AI insights for talent teams recommends the right mix of compensation when building an offer letter.

Relevant Financial Benefits

Save time by curating all financial benefit providers for your organization. Provide a trustworthy employee financial wellness platform to drive employee productivity and reduce stress.

Advanced People Analytics

Keep your payroll cost in check and enable pay equity by understanding your current cost across diverse groups, budget, future increments, and more all in a single analytics dashboard.

AI Powered Compensation Workflows

Modern Compensation Benchmarking

Augment your expertise with our AI to generate levels and pay bands for every title in your organization. Automate Talent acquisition workflows and ensure compliance towards pay transparency laws.

AI Powered HR co-pilot

Scalable Total Rewards Management

Effectively run merit cycles - in hours and not days with Aura. Enable Managers to effectively communicate total rewards and merit increases to employees and let our HR co-pilot handle the rest.

AI Powered Wealth Advisor

Trustworthy Workforce Financial Wellness

Aura's AI powered financial wellness promotes workforce wellbeing by providing them a one stop shop to manage, and grow their wealth. Tools for employees to manage their pay, forecast wealth and understand equity will lead to a win-win situation both for employer and employee.

Join the Pay

Our mission is to demystify & automate all aspects of compensation - pay, equity, benefits - for all employers & employees across the globe.